i am such a big burger fan. in a perfect world, they’d have about ten thousand less calories than they have in reality, and there’d be places like ellis gourmet burger all over the world, on every street corner. oh, wait – the latter is already happening, isn’t it?

you don’t hear me complaining – i love the hype around gourmet burgers. i was pretty excited to learn brussels burger palace ellis opened a location in antwerp, though i was surprised to hear they did it right across the street (okay, so there’s a dock and a museum in between, too) from de burgerij. but again – no complaints, as i really think you can never have too many places like these.

what can i say about ellis that you don’t already know from its original location? the design is great, the vibe is good, the place gets packed (even at 6 o’clock!) and the burgers taste amazing. i had the ellis special with bacon (i can be such an american sometimes – if there’s bacon on the menu, my peripheral vision disappears and all i can think about is bacon) and i loved it.

it also helps that the service is super super friendly, not at all what you’d expect from such a sceney place. but i guess that’s the great thing about burgers – it unites all of us in our quest for a casual, affordable and tasty meal.


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