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May 10, 2013 • Home Decor

do you know that feeling when you don’t remember why you like something so much? is it because you saw it and genuinely thought – oh that’s perfect? or is it because you have simply seen it so many times, you’ve gotten used to it and you can’t figure out whether the thrill you feel every time is because of recognition or because you love it.

i have that with the string shelves right now. they have been on every. possible. interior blog out there, including some of my favorites. i’ve seen so many pretty pictures styled to perfection – most of them on my all time fave, jennifer hagler’s a merry mishap – that i think this feeling of ‘want’ that i get whenever i see the shelves is simply my subconscious telling me i want an interior as nice as hers.

in any case, my heart skipped a beat when i came across their booth at milan design week, and i must have stood there for ten minutes, caressing the shelves and deciding which of their new colors i’d like to get. but then i got back home and realized that they’re just a tad too vintage, too modernist for our space. and so it goes on and on and on in an infinite loop of swaying back and forth.

do you recognize that feeling of getting carried away by something that looks great at someone else’s place but isn’t necessarily right for you?

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