May 7, 2013 • Style

i can’t even keep track of all the curated subscription services out there, but i do think some of them are better than others. i’m loving the idea of blindly trusting someone’s taste and opinion, but only when the curators are people that i already know to some extent. the netherlands has curated, for example – and i love that they got joachim baan of another something to put together quarterly packages.

but when i discovered svbscription and the fact that they are collaborating with todd selby – well let’s just say i nearly peed my pants a little from excitement. however, i am getting a little annoyed with all these fantastic concept stores, web shops, magazines – and now subscription services – that are geared exclusively to men.

as you may or may not have noticed around here, i am a bit of a tomboy. i really, really, really don’t like this idea of women being defined by those moments when they do choose to dress in pink. i am loving where men’s fashion is going these days and i’m happy guys are finally starting to enjoy lifestyle in new and exciting ways, but why exclude women altogether?

as if we don’t appreciate a rugged leather cover for our ipads. as if we only wear floral scents (i wear men’s scents. always, without exception). as if magazines like inventory and the travel almanac and monocle are not as interesting to us as vogue. bullshit. i would use and love everything that is in these svbscription kits, down to the boxers.

images via svbscription


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