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July 19, 2013 • LifeStyle

a while ago i talked to you guys about how beauty boutique parfuma (who recently renewed their online shop!) is helping me get ready for my wedding day. months after starting to use the la mer line, i am still convinced i have never tried anything else that even comes near to the quality and the efficiency of these products.

additionally, even though i’m not using much make-up in my daily life, i did want to get a routine down before the wedding so that i could look my best – and do everything myself. some girls like being pampered by a make-up artist on their wedding day, but control freak as i am, i like to call the shots when it comes to my face.

at parfuma, i was directed to their downstairs beauty center for the first step in my brand new make-up routine: creating that perfect teint with jane iredale. i warned them i was not interested in using foundation or bb creams or anything that could make my face look like it was melting (getting married in the desert, people!) and i also didn’t want that made up look. basically i asked for the impossible: look better, but have any make-up be invisible to the naked eye.

i didn’t think they’d pull it off, but they did. and all it took was one squish of tinted moisturizer and a touch of loose powder. both kind of just disappear into your skin, especially when using the right brushes. i learned that very few cosmetic products can achieve this effect, as jane iredale – contrary to most other brands – doesn’t use talc, which absorbs light, but instead uses minerals, which reflect the light.

there are plenty of other reasons why i think i will never stop using jane iredale (no chemicals, uv- filters in basically all of their products, not tested on animals and hypoallergenic, to name but a few) but for me the most important one is their natural effect. using the moisturizer or the powder doesn’t hide my skin or add a layer to it, instead they seem to slightly blur and soften it.

make-up will never be able to hide wrinkles or spots or magically make dark circles under your eyes disappear. i don’t believe in it, and it’s not what i want. what i want are products that make me feel more beautiful and confident when i use them. they should make you look radiant and fresh, without making it so obvious to people that it’s make-up you have to thank for that.

so yeah, jane iredale and me, we’re besties now.

the products i can’t live without any longer now that i know them, are the dream tint tinted moisturizer with spf15 in medium dark and the amazing base loose mineral powder with spf20 in natural. those brushes are my best friends now, too – they make everything so much easier. i have the blending brush for literally blending in the moisturizer and use the chisel powder brush for loose powder and blush.

photos by stephanie duval 


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