Coffee In Montreal

July 22, 2013 • Travel

when i was researching cool places to go in montreal for one of my clients, i came across this website that documents cups of coffee (i’m thinking cappuccinos) at coffee places all over the city. what i love about this, is that coffee takes center stage.

i often get caught up in the surroundings of these bars, whether they are hip or not, whether i like the decor or not. i take so many pictures to document my visit – wether for this blog or one of my clients – that i often forget to capture the coffee. afterwards, in my mind, the coffees i’ve had melt together in one caffeinated blur. i don’t think that is going to happen to the people behind adbeus.

also, i really appreciate this honest approach. they’re not trying to make anything look fancier, it is what it is. if you don’t like the look of this or that cup of coffee – don’t go there. if you do, then go. it’s back to basics, and i’m loving it.

all images via adbeus

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