Gin And Tonic

July 23, 2013 • Food and Drink

there are several cocktails that make my heart beat a little faster and make me long for the weekend (or happy hour), but the gin and tonic was my first love. my fiancé introduced me to it a little over ten years ago, and i still have fond memories of the boozy long drinks with crappy gin and even crappier tonic back then.

we’ve come a long way, gin and tonic and i. admittedly, i cheat sometimes. i try new combinations and new flavors. i add bitters and often proceed to feed my experimental drink to the plants – not everything that seems like a good idea actually turns out so great.

lately i’ve been crazy about everything and anything elderflower, so when i happened upon this cute elderflower lemonade at antwerp concept store henri, i couldn’t resist. turns out it’s quite good in combination with my favorite gin of all time, hendrick’s. ever since they invited me to scotland to see how it is made and try all sorts of different concoctions with the gin, i’m even more in love with it.

but honestly, with a bottle that cool,
i’d drink hot chocolate from it, too.


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