hotel rivington & sons is not a hotel. it is the best place in zurich to grab breakfast or do brunch, especially on a sunday. it’s housed in what looks like a rather cold and businesslike office building, but the interior seems like it’s straight from a american movie decor or something.

the service is super friendly – i don’t think i can emphasize enough how important that is to me – and the food we had was great. they ran out of pancake dough by the time we arrived for breakfast (our second that day), but we did have some delicious waffles, bacon and eggs. hotel rivington & sons is super close to the 25 hrs hotel and it’s right around the corner from frau geroldsgarten, so definitely worth putting on your itinerary.

our trip to zurich was sponsored by swiss, who flew us over from geneva, and by the 25 hrs hotel, who kindly put a roof over our heads and fed us (our first) breakfast. no one is forcing me to write any of these reviews though, so every word is my honest opinion.

photos by stephanie duval 


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