La Stanza

July 24, 2013 • Food and DrinkTravelZurich

most everywhere i go, i make a point of visiting every decent coffee bar in a twenty mile radius of our hotel. before we headed to zurich, i asked on twitter whether you guys knew of any good ones, and some of you had a lot of tips. i was surprised to discover there are so many places to score a good espresso in zurich, as geneva’s basically a no man’s land in that respect (seriously you guys, business opportunity! open one tomorrow.)

my favorite bar, hands down, was la stanza. it’s an old-fashioned café with nice floor tiles (it’s all in the details), a bar to lean against while sipping your piping hot espresso, and a barista who knows his stuff. the espresso i tasted had a real kick and was super thick and creamy, just how i like it. i also love their cups and saucers – they seem to be the number one choice among coffee places these days. and i couldn’t stop eyeing that gorgeous faema. one day, i promise you, i’ll have one at home. 

photos by stephanie duval 


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