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July 3, 2013 • StyleWellness

will you guys forgive me if i go horribly off-topic and talk about something decidedly un-designy today? you’ve probably guessed as much from the cheesy pictures above, right? but believe me, they’re the best i could do to visually represent this subject without scaring you off.

so do you guys remember i am collaborating with belgian beauty specialist parfuma to get ready for our wedding in september? it started with devising the perfect skincare program, but it didn’t stop there. see, your face is not the only area you want to prettify before the big day…

i’d always been intrigued by laser hair removal, but somehow i just never thought it’d be something for me. to be honest, i had a hard time believing the results would be permanent and i also figured it’d be too expensive for me anyway. but then of course parfuma made me an offer i couldn’t refuse.

see, the parfuma boutique in antwerp also has a really lovely beauty center downstairs, where you can go for jane iredale make-up advice (more on that next week!), wonderful massages, beauty treatments with la mer, shiseido or environ – and, of course, for strategic hair removal (as i like to call it). they partner up with paramedic organisation laserontharing for the permanent hair removal by laser – the device i am so graciously holding in the pictures above.

so here are the gory details and the honest facts.

one – i love how laserontharing works with paramedics only. no matter when you book your appointment, it’s always a trained paramedic doing the treatment. if you’ve heard some horror stories about lasers before, forget about them. these people are serious about health and safety (hence the stylish glasses you get to wear).

two – it’s not painless. it’s not painful either, though. the feeling of the laser targetting the little hairs feels like an uncomfortable stinging that surprised me a little bit at first. but hey, if you were used to waxing, like me, you’ll get over it so fast.

three – the hairs don’t fall out immediately, you’ll have to wait a week or two for that. guaranteed feeling after those two weeks? “holy shit why did i not do this ages ago?” the feeling of not having to worry about the areas that you treated is so amazing and freeing.

four – it’s expensive. there’s no way around that. but if you compare it to going to the beautician to get waxed a couple times a year, you’re better off splurging right now and ending that madness for good. if you use razors though, this will be a major upgrade. apparently you need up to four or six treatments per area to get rid of all the hairs forever. ringing in at 120 euros for arm pits, 120 to 180 for the bikini area and 250 for the lower legs, this is definitely not cheap. but i got past this fact as i realized the results are forever.

five – because it really is permanent. after your last treatment, upkeep may be advised for those dozen new hairs that might pop up over the years to come. but as i can tell after only two treatments, the hairs that did get hit are never coming back. already i’m feeling so much lighter, and there’s no way i’m stopping treatments before i get rid of all those prickly little bastards.

5 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    Hey, your body can be designy too ;) x

  2. laser treatment, my cup of tea! maar ik gebruik het wel voor een andere doelstelling.

  3. Kimdaenen says:

    Geweldig. Ik ben er ook al lang over aan het nadenken. 2 vriendinnen hebben al oksels, bikini én benen gedaan en zijn super tevreden.
    btw, looove Jane Iredale, ik gebruik bijna niets anders meer. Glow Time bb crème al geprobeerd?

  4. STEFANIE says:

    Misschien niet onbelangrijk om te vermelden: jij hebt net het ideale huidtype – donkere haartjes, bleke huid. Werkt jammer genoeg veel minder goed bij blondere haren/donkerdere huidtypes… De beste resultaten heb je wanneer je tussen je behandelingen minstens 2 maanden laat (zo wacht je lang genoeg op nieuwe haartjes die uitkomen – zeker omdat de behandelingen zo duur zijn wacht je echt best tot het dé moment is) en tijdens de zomermaanden doe je het best niet, aangezien je er niet meteen mee in de zon mag komen. Maar voor de rest: goede keuze, veel kans dat jij er inderdaad voorgoed vanaf geraakt :)! Bij mij waren de haartjes jammer genoeg te licht, nu na een paar jaar heb ik bijna terug even veel haartjes als vroeger… (en voor je denkt, wauw wat een verwend nest, haha, mijn mama doet 1x/maand die laserbehandelingen, dus ik was een beetje haar proefpersoon ;)! )

  5. Steph says:

    @patricia ha, good one :)

    @absolutelymrsk i heart lasers.

    @kim het is écht aan te raden, maar kijk inderdaad naar de comment van stefanie hieronder wat betreft huidtype… en jane iredale rocks: volgende week meer :)

    @stefanie merci voor de extra tips en advies. had inderdaad zelf ook door na tweede behandeling na zes weken dat ik beter iets langer had gewacht. sommige zones zijn tijdens zomer niet zo’n probleem (tenzij je exhibitionist bent of een hele rare tanning pose hebt) ;)

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