July 12, 2013 • AntwerpFood and DrinkTravel

it’s been a while since i’ve fallen for a place as hard as i’ve fallen for tinsel. everything about it just rings true. enthusiastic owner tine makes everything herself, and the decor is equal parts cozy and hipster handmade. i want to live in that hacienda corner under the arch.

i’m a sucker for any place that will serve up a decent, healthy and surprising breakfast, but i go weak in the knees for a place that will do that until well into the afternoon. add to the mix a brilliant identity designed by tine’s boyfriend sander de mol, and you just know you’ve got a winner.

tinsel, i heart you. and tine, i apologize beforehand if you get tired of seeing me very quickly, because all of my antwerp meetings will be taking place at yours from now on.


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