July 30, 2013 • Home DecorTravelZurich

traveling is about discovering what a place is all about, right? i think that’s my favorite excuse to check out local shops that seem different and original. these are often the places where i find most inspiration. as a retailer, it’s so hard to stand out these days, with brands available all around the world and shops looking more and more alike.

walter, in zurich’s creative west, does a decent job of switching things up. the store offers a mix of vintage furniture and design objects alongside modern decoration, paper goods and accessories. i like how the shop doesn’t feel like a pure vintage heaven, which i often find lacking in personality. i briefly spoke to the shop owner, and though that’s hardly a base for anything, i do believe his signature is in every piece that he chooses to sell.

if this shop was any closer to geneva, i’d be in serious trouble.

photos by stephanie duval 


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