August 30, 2013 • ReadingWork

as you may remember, i was pretty excited when aesop – one of my favorite cosmetics labels – opened up shop in geneva. when the editors of korean b magazine were putting together an aesop-themed issue, they came across my blog and pictures, and asked if i could take some for them.

as a journalist, i’ve gotten used to seeing my words published in magazines around the world, and though it still makes me so happy, it doesn’t quite cause the thrill it used to. but b magazine was the first to hire me to take photos, and i loved it so, so much. it’s such a cool publication, too – focusing on one brand at a time and dissecting every little aspect of their branding.

i guess photography is another format than the written word, but what excites me about publishing is still the same. someone asks you for your point of view, your perspective and your voice because they appreciate it and think their readers will appreciate it too, and that will always be the coolest thing about my job.


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