Cafe Grande

August 21, 2013 • Food and DrinkTravelZurich

i know i keep complaining about my current hometown’s lack of nice places to hang out, but i really feel that, if geneva would have a place like café grande, i’d never have to move anywhere else to be perfectly happy. free wifi, friendly bartenders, a cozy patio that is perfect for people watching, great espresso, a solid collection of niche sodas and awesome, awesome branding (just take a look at their website). this place has it all.

zurich seems to have perfected the skill of taking the old-school nostalgic vibe of its city and making it relevant for today’s world in a cool and classic way. i had the same feeling when visiting la stanza and hotel rivington & sons. seriously geneva, take note.

photos by stephanie duval 

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  1. Nikki says:

    Dit plekje ziet er hemels uit. Een vriend van mij is verzot op alles wat Zwitsers is en misschien laat ik me wel eens verleiden tot het maken van een roadtrip. Dit adresjes staat sowieso al genoteerd voor een eventuele stop in Zurich! xo

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