August 16, 2013 • Reading

i have some crazy talented friends. fashion stylist lisa lapauw and photographer mous lamrabat (who i’ve raved about before!) had just too much creative juice flowing through their veins to be satisfied with the insane amount of work they’re already doing for belgian and international publications. yup, they had to go and create their own magazine – doing their thang and being pretty friggin’ amazing at it, too.

they call themselves ‘too reckless to succeed’ but i’m seriously rooting for them to prove the contrary. i loved their first issue – or really their numéro zéro – and i’m hoping to flip through many more in the future. not sure if you can tell from my photos, but in addition to some gorgeous imagery, crust also boasts the most amazing paper.

they’re still looking for more contributors, and i’m pretty sure many of my readers are super talented as well, so why not check it out?


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