Frau Geroldsgarten

August 13, 2013 • TravelZurich

after visiting both boxpark in london’s shoreditch and frau geroldsgarten in zurich’s hardbrücke neighborhood, i’m convinced every city should have its own container-based pop-up area where local retailers, bars and creatives can come together, have a good time and make some money along the way.

frau geroldsgarten feels like a carnival, but it’s actually an urban community garden, a summer bar, a thrift market and a mall – all at once. we saw lots of hipsters and families with young kids mingle, eat, drink, lounge and shop in the blistering heat that marked the weekend we visited. it felt like a little oasis in the middle of the city, where normal rules don’t apply. sadly, when we returned on sunday everything was closed. missed opportunity much?

photos by stephanie duval 

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