Ikea Paper Shop

August 12, 2013 • Design

sneaky ikea went behind my back and launched a paper shop concept without telling me about it. needless to say, the moment i found out i raced straight to the nearest location – only to find out they’re rolling out the paper shops in the biggest stores only. obviously the rational thing to do was hop in a car, drive to zaventem and completely lose my cool once i located the goodies.

if some of the stuff hadn’t been sold out already, i surely would have made that happen. honestly i just threw everything that was black, white or kraft-coloured into my giant blue ikea bag and i pestered some of the employees to help me find the clipboards. my discovery could not have come at a better time, now that i’m finishing up our wedding decorations. i already knew ikea was my go-to spot for cool christmas wrappings, but now i’m just going to make it my go-to store for everything.

the scissors are hay and i bought the wrapping thread at a diy store


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