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August 14, 2013 • LifeStyleWellness

i’ve told you about my ‘get ready to get married’ collab with parfuma before. how i fell in love with the la mer products – we’re still going strong, thankyouverymuch. how they’re helping me get smooth as a seal – eww, that sounded better in my head. and how jane iredale products have to be the very best out there for a very natural, subtle make-up look.

the beauty fun didn’t stop there, oh no it did not. next up was a class in ‘how to add color without looking like a clown’ skills. see, i always thought lipstick was just not for me. if i didn’t get it to look like the pictures in the magazines, then what was the point? i always ended up looking like i was wearing a set of fake lips over my own set. not a good look for anyone.

and then there was blush. the miracle product i discovered in my teens, capable of making me look alive again when my skin was doing its best vampire impression. but how come i never quite succeeded in finding the exact right color for my skintone? too dark, too red, too orange – there seemed to be no end to my everlasting quest.

until there was my collab with parfuma of course, which admittedly was the very first moment in my life when i thought longer about make-up than the seven milliseconds it takes your brain to decide it loves that package over the other ones, so that’s the one you’ll buy. for the first time, someone actually took the time to help me find the right colors and textures, and surprise surprise – i no longer look like a complete idiot with a face full of make-up.

i gotta say, in daily life i still like the minimal look very much. i’ll use a bit of tinted moisturizer, some concealer and maybe some blush – and that’s it. but it does make me feel really good to know that on my wedding day, when i want to go the extra mile and look like the best version of me there ever was, i have everything i need.

so here’s the deal.

bobbi brown is best known for her belief in natural-looking make-up, so she was obviously my go-to brand. i use her face & body bronzing duo to add more dimension and enhance my tan. // my giorgio armani’s summer collection face and eye palette is the raddest. the first layer is a bronze shimmering powder which i plan to use very sparsely on my collarbones and cleavage, the bottom layer is the most beautiful combination of eye shadows known to mankind. the dark brown, peach and champagne are so warm, they really compliment brown eyes. i also really love their fall collection colors. // that blush from bobbi brown? i didn’t think it was going to be pretty. but that’s the thing with blush – you have to try it to find the perfect hue for you. this tawny shade looks all kinds of spectacular on my cheeks.

i use giorgio armani’s high precision retouch concealer to add a bit of light underneath my eyes, and i love using it on my eye lids as well. // next to it you see bobbi brown’s intensifying long-wear mascara. long-wear because we all know i’m going to bawl like a little child at some point during the ceremony. and the best part? the brush is tiny, so very handy to use! // i admit i haven’t used the giorgio armani eye pencil often yet, but the color matches the eye shadow so perfectly! it’s gonna look really good at the wedding, but it’s a bit too heavy for me to wear daily. // let me tell you about this creamy lip color bobbi brown lipstick. it has evaporated all my previous fears. it looks so natural, and yet my lips have never seemed to pop so much before. and even the name ‘uber pink’ was made for me. it’s my best friend now.

photos by stephanie duval


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