Perfect Weekend

August 20, 2013 • Life

with the risk of sounding corny, last weekend was absolutely perfect. i took living in geneva for granted for the longest time, but lately i’ve really started to appreciate all that it means – or can mean if you’re up for it. we drove to annecy and bunked down for the day at our favorite spot, a small picnic and our favorite champagne at hand. we had breakfast in bed, and i read for hours lying by the rhône – just minutes away from our apartment. we finally saw the great gatsby, under the best possible circumstances – at the open air cinema with a gorgeous view on the lake and harbor. it was all just so blissful (i warned you for the corny) i didn’t want the weekend to end.

all my pictures from my instagram account

  • Oh wauw, klinkt inderdaad heerlijk!


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