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September 16, 2013 • Style

when i was still a fashion journalist rookie, attending the fashion weeks seemed like the coolest thing on the planet. admittedly, the first time i went to the one in new york, i had to pinch myself every five minutes to believe i was actually there. but the novelty soon wore off because waiting in line for hours, endless cab and subway rides and horrible views from the back rows were not exactly what i signed up for. when i’m in new york, i like to think there are cooler things to do than that. 

it’s probably different if you’re anna or giovanna, but i guess my interest in fashion is of a different nature, too. i could care less about the spectacle and the people watching and the glamour and the celebrities. just let me see the clothes. that’s why i’m perfectly content these days to visit the fashion trade shows and showrooms reserved for trade press, which is what i consider myself to be.

that said, i do enjoy following the coverage from nyfw, and especially enjoy checking up on my favorite designers and street style photographers. i get a sense of what’s coming in the future, and try to filter out the things i’d actually like to wear myself (two entirely different things, in my case).

these looks are inspiring me right now (click for their source)
sporty snapshot by the sartorialist // amazing coat by j.crew // love the fabric, color and cut of this outfit // when is giovanna ever not elegant and stylish in a tommy ton shot? // love the mix of prints of this sass & bide number // perfect stripes and colors in this photo by tommy ton

  • Fashion week really is a circus – it’s exciting, undoubtedly, but as you say – unless you’re of the same ilk as Anna Wintour it’s not as glamorous as some might think. I’m so grateful for social media so non-fashion people like me still get a glimpse but without the sore feet or terrible view!


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