The Wedding // The Day Before

September 12, 2013 • LifeWellness

i’m not gonna lie – the weeks leading up to our wedding last weekend were not without some very stressful moments. i tried to keep everything under control and avoid bridezilla behavior, but the truth is – i’ve never in my life organized anything of this proportion and importance before. i put my heart and soul into every little detail and aspect of our wedding weekend, and i couldn’t prevent getting a little emotional about all of it.

so it was a very, very good thing parfuma offered to take away some of that negative energy by kidnapping me for almost three hours and treating me to some of the best pampering i’ve ever experienced. the day before we left for spain, i went to their beauty center in antwerp and surrendered myself to three beauty specialists.

they took such good care of me – at one point all three of them were working their magic on me simultaneously. i was asked which chanel color i liked best for the mani pedi, and then kindly asked to tuck away my iphone where it couldn’t be reached (hence the limited amount of snapshots i have to share). but i’m so glad they did. while my nails were being prettified to match my wedding dress – chanel’s ballerina is almost the exact same hue as the dress lenny leleu custom designed for me! – i was given a customized environ facial, followed by a relaxing body massage.

i can’t even describe how much i enjoyed all of this, but the real treat was how wonderful i felt afterwards. i was finally getting into the mood, ready to let go of unimportant details and start enjoying every minute of the entire trip. i was so relaxed in fact, that i made time to head to one of my favorite coffee bars (normo was conveniently close to parfuma) and finally write my vows.

i was also very relieved the mani/pedi lasted all through the weekend. in case i would need a touch-up, i bought the chanel polish (i also really liked this color from kure), but i ended up not having to use it. though i can safely say it will become a staple in my beauty routine as i love the way it matches my pink gold wedding ring!

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  1. I hope you have an unforgettable weekend !

  2. Krystal says:

    congrats on your marriage!!!

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