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October 14, 2013 • Inspiration

oops – completely forgot to publish this post last week, when i was actually still lounging by the pool at the ace hotel in palm springs. i can’t believe how long ago it already feels, while we just got back from our honeymoon last night.

for those of you who have been following along for a while, it comes as no surprise (see here and here) we picked the ace hotel in palm springs as the last stop on our honeymoon. it was the third and final ace property we visited during our three weeks of west coast exploring, and it felt a bit like coming home.

tons of things had changed though – my favorite cocktail had been replaced, the ceviche we ate moments before matti popped the question last year was no longer on the menu, the ping-pong table we so enjoyed had disappeared, the hammocks were gone, too… it felt bittersweet to return to the place where we have such happy memories because of course we couldn’t recreate them.

we still enjoyed our last few days of honeymoon bliss though. we made new memories – the most interesting of which involved a pitcher of margaritas – and i cried a little when we witnessed yet another couple tie the knot on the grounds of the hotel (same scenario as on the night of our engagement!)

as we said goodbye to the fabulous pool, the decadent breakfasts at king’s highway diner, the photobooth in the lobby and our cozy room, we knew we might not be back for a very, very long time. but that’s okay. i’m very happy palm springs was the backdrop to both the beginning and the ending of the past – very exciting – chapter of our lives, but we’re ready to move on to the next one now.

cheers to married life.


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