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October 16, 2013 • Life

a little over four years ago, i started this blog as my way out of a path that was clearly laid out for me. it became a side track that allowed me to play, discover and experiment with the subjects and forms of storytelling that excite and intrigue me.

blogging has allowed me to carve out a place in the world – as an individual and as a professional. it has helped me develop a new set of skills and a new view on the world, and i sincerely hope this process of growing and evolving will be a never-ending one.

that said, i feel like it is time for a change. i feel like the blog – as it is now – no longer accurately reflects who i am. and more importantly, it doesn’t challenge me anymore like it used to. it’s almost as if the sidetrack has become the highway, so i want to rediscover ‘the road less taken.’ they say creativity is a muscle, and it’s time to flex mine. i’d like to raise the bar and push myself a little bit harder – see where it will take me.

for those of you who have been enjoying my blog so far – thanks so much for reading. don’t worry – i’m still me, and this blog will continue to reflect that. so you can expect a fair dose of design, travel and style to be a part of the new chapter of 70percentpure.

in fact, i’m already working on a few cool stories that i can’t wait to share with you – but in order to focus on the new and improved ways in which i want to do that, i will be taking a little hiatus. i hope to see you all again in november!

new layout is up and running! expect a few more minor adjustments during the weekend, and posting will resume as of next week. thanks for bearing with me! i’m excited to start this new chapter with y’all.

picture of me taken by my brand new husband at the lacma

4 Responses

  1. Pebblyn says:

    I’ll miss your posts! Although November is closer by than I first thought (my brain is still in summer modus). Enjoy the hiatus and I’ll be seeing you!

  2. Marie says:

    Spannend!! Flex that muscle!

  3. Krystal says:

    def look forward to the new chapter!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Succes! Ik kijk ernaar uit om je over een maandje opnieuw te lezen.

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