October 8, 2013 • StyleTravelZurich

there is one serious down side to traveling as often as we do. after a while, you can’t quite justify bringing back souvenirs from every place anymore. first of all, we live in a tiny apartment, so we need to think long and hard to figure out where we can stuff one more item in a cupboard or closet. also budget-wise it stops making sense to buy something everywhere you go after you’ve hit your third city in two months.

so yeah, i deal with a lot of buyer’s remorse. when we were in zurich, i wanted to buy everything at townhouse. their store at geroldsgarten was stuffed with things to covet furiously: from the gin and tonic set to that sweater. i think maybe the beach club hoodie i most regret leaving behind. every time i see that picture, i get a little heart ache. ah well – there’s always their e-shop!

but seriously, be careful clicking that link. i will not be held responsible for any damage to your credit card.

photos by stephanie duval


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