i can’t tell you how happy i am to finally be sharing this post on the blog. i’ve already shared some sneak peeks on my instagram and there have been some mentions on facebook, but today i am proud to finally present the collection that i designed for antwerp label diamanti per tutti.

it was such a fun challenge to come up with jewelry that i’d love to wear myself, but that would also speak to others. i’m not a fan of big bling, so i looked for inspiration in other domains that fascinate me – such as architecture, design and urban culture. the result is pretty graphic and geometric, and i’m happy that diamanti per tutti – true to their philosophy – kept the collection very reasonably priced (they’re real diamonds, people!) so that hopefully lots of people who feel the same about accessories as me get the chance of buying one of the pieces.

 the above pictures were taken by belgian photographer zeb daemen, who was gracious enough to ignore my complete and utter lack of posing skills and managed to get a few nice pics while i squirmed in front of his lense, pretended to be looking at things that weren’t there and acted as natural as i could with a bunch of people watching my every move. professional models, i have so. much. respect.

i also want to express my gratitude to make-up artist rudi cremers who has perfected the art of making natural look good, and to stylist francis boesmans who took one look at my moodboard and conjured up my dream wardrobe. the above outfits are a mix of hugo by hugo boss (the white blazer), filippa k (the sweatshirt), acne (the black tee) and nikkie (the white bomber) and i seriously plan on getting everything when it comes in stores next spring.

photos by zeb daemen for diamanti per tutti


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