November 11, 2013 • Home Decor

hi, my name is stephanie and i’m a textileholic. place me in any given design shop and i’ll find the way to their fabric section blindfolded. after years of shamelessly fondling blankets, throws and pillows i’ve become a bit of an expert assessing their quality, and am quick to categorize each item from ‘pretty but entirely uncomfortable’ to ‘cozy and potentially addictive’ or ‘not a chance in hell will i leave this store without one.’

things are a little different when i discover a brand or collection online, but they are – i’m afraid to say – not any less intense. i developed a crush on belgian company p-lo (pronounce as ˈpɪloʊ) as soon as i saw the photos of their first collection. it grew into a promising relationship when they took a look at some pictures of my apartment and suggested i spruce it up with cushions from their winter collection. now, after having lived with these wool beauties for a couple of weeks, it’s safe to say i’m in love.

i keep moving them around the house because they look gorgeous anywhere i put them. i love the tartan and tweed prints for bringing a bit of menswear style into our home (which the man of the house appreciates, too) and the high-quality wool makes our cheap ikea sofa look so much more sophisticated than it is. because they’re not a blend with synthetic fabrics, the cushions do feel a little prickly against bare skin. but they’re meant for winter, which is when i tend to wrap myself in as many layers as possible – just short of losing the capacity to move. so prickly wool is not a problem, and the added warmth is as welcome as ever.

 you can take a look at the rest of the p-lo collection in their webshop, or if you’re looking to satisfy your need for fondling cushions, head over to their antwerp pop-up shop which opens on november 15 and runs until january 26 (verlatstraat 3). i should probably have warned you at the beginning of this post that i can be such an enabler. but hey, shopping is cheaper than therapy, right?


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