Treat Yo’self

November 17, 2013 • Home DecorStyle

when i feel particularly miserable or really, really great, i always tell myself it’s okay to treat myself to a little something. nothing too big or expensive and preferably something that is useful, but above all it should make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. i love to buy a new notebook when i am hired for a new project, for example, because it makes me feel virtuous and motivated. or a new toiletry bag, because that will finally get me organized. and stuff you buy to decorate your home isn’t really just for yourself now, is it? i’ve collected a few items that would totally end up in my shopping basket if i were in that kind of mood today.

izola apothecary zipper pouch //  aesop makeup remover // adidas by stella mccartney discosura sneakers //  i love mr mittens the olive beanie // hay notebook // menu candle holder // camp brand sweater // house doctor vase // filippa k bea shopper bag


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