November 21, 2013 • TravelVancouver

oh, vancouver. ever since we got back from our honeymoon, i’ve been telling everyone and their mothers about how vancouver is the perfect mix between new york’s cosmopolitan vibe and geneva’s clean and sophisticated atmosphere. it felt like a big city, but vancouver’s size is much more manageable than that of the big american cities. and besides its cosy corners and lovely boutiques in gastown, we absolutely loved vancouver’s proximity to overwhelmingly beautiful nature.

we’ve been living in geneva long enough to appreciate this, so we ventured out on bikes to circle stanley park, and we took a free shuttle bus to capilano river region park to take a walk through the rain forest and wobble over its suspension bridge. i even indulged my newly minted husband in a waterplane ride that quite possibly scarred me for life, but in the end was worth it for the unbelievable vistas over the city and its surrounding nature. unfortunately our whale spotting boat ride was canceled because of weather conditions, or else we would have been the perfect vancouver tourists.

next week i’ll share my favorite places in gastown, if you like.


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