breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. there’s not an egg dish on earth i haven’t tried, and i freely admit one of the reasons i love new york so much has everything to do with the city’s fanatical love affair with breakfast. as much as i am a failure in the kitchen when it comes to fancy suppers or, let’s be honest, even the simplest of home cooked meals – i am a self-proclaimed breakfast superstar. admittedly, i shamelessly copy and adapt genius people’s recipes for lack of talent to devise my own. but i make up for my shortcomings with an unparalleled commitment and overwhelming enthusiasm for this glorious mealtime.

that’s why i am beyond excited to introduce this collaboration with danish design brand vipp to introduce their beautiful brunch set along with my favorite kinds of breakfast. i thought i was very familiar with vipp – i had it pegged down as a functional scandinavian design classic best known for its iconic trash can. but discovering they launched a pretty awesome ceramics collection for their 70th birthday obviously made me love the brand even more.

i wanted to kick off this series with my current obsession for granola because it is honestly all i can seem to talk about lately. ever since i tried the lovely louise de brabandere’s thursday dinners recipe, i’ve been hooked. i love her combination of spices and sea salt that make the mix of oats, seeds and nuts so interesting and full of flavor. for my version i added some more ingredients i had lying around the house, like flax, pumpkin and poppy seeds.

it is so easy to make, and baking the granola makes our apartment smell like christmas. i always make a big batch so that it’ll last us a while, and combined with greek yogurt it is my breakfast of choice for mornings that are all about inspiration reading and preparing creative projects. on this particular morning, i had it with an almond milk-banana smoothie with fresh vanilla (blend it with some ice cubes to make it taste super refreshing).

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  1. Patricia says:

    Lovely! Both the ceramics and the breakfast. Should make some granola myself this week, somehow it feels ‘too cold’ for breakfast smoothies now :)x

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