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December 18, 2013 • BrusselsDesignTravel

a few weeks ago i finally had the chance to swing by le typographe in brussels – not just to pop into their store (which is all kinds of fabulous, let me tell you), but to get a look behind the scenes in their studio and workshop, too. imagine what happens to a self-proclaimed office supply geek when you drop her in a world of letterpress and typography, and then multiply the craziness by ten – that’s how i felt. luckily i had another appointment in brussels afterwards, or i would have just made myself comfortable somewhere between the christmas cards, stroking the brand new calendars for 2014 and generally trying to blend in so no one would notice me and shoo me away.

i’m sorry about the overload of pictures – i really tried to edit, but i just loved it all too much to kill any of my darlings. i mean, the notebooks! the envelopes! the cards! the heidelberg presses! the confetti! i want it all, and i’m not even kidding. especially now that i’ve seen the actual team hand-folding the envelopes and preparing the machines for a new run of printing – you could just feel the love they have for their niche profession, and it is seriously contagious.

if you’re ever in brussels, make sure to stop by the shop to get your letterpress fix, but beware. you are going to get greedy from all the goodies they’ve sourced to complement the paperwares in the shop. and people, if you have any office supply geeks in your family or group of friends – this is where your christmas gift should come from. take my word for it.

photos by stephanie duval


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