The Wedding // Part Two

December 12, 2013 • LifeStyle

not that married life is not completely wonderful (don’t let anyone fool you – it does feel different than before, even if you’ve been together for 11 years like we have). but i am totally relishing the spreading out of these wedding posts to relive that amazing weekend step by step. so i hope you’ll forgive me for all the wedding posts still to come.

the pictures above were taken while we were getting ready for our photoshoot and the ceremony, which took place right after. so many things i loved about these moments leading up to the actual wedding ceremony. the girl doing my hair? that’s june – i used to babysit her when she was six months old and i was still a fifteen year old little girl. over the past thirteen years (now i feel old) i’ve watched her grow into this lovely and beautiful human being, and i can’t even tell you how special it was to have her there with me and to have her work her braiding magic on my hair.

my mom and my maid of honor nathalie were also there with me to calm my nerves, drink cava and give their opinions on my make-up. i did it myself, thanks to a collaboration i did over the year with antwerp beauty boutique parfuma. they taught me everything about creating a natural look and gifted me the best-ever products to work with. i was so happy to have absolutely no stress about any of this.

as you can see, contrary to popular (or at least my personal) belief, it is possible for it to rain in the spanish desert. luckily i was surrounded by lots of loving friends and family, who assured me they didn’t mind coming aaaaaaall the way to spain just to watch us get married in the rain. yeah, right. thanks though guys ;)

i can’t believe i waited so long to reveal my dress, which i still love so very, very much. it was designed for me by my friend lenny leleu, who is a crazy talented designer. she studied at the antwerp academy and i started working as a journalist right around when she graduated. i was one of the first to interview her about her plans for the future and approach to designing, but soon we were talking about our shared fascination with american fashion and the united states in general.

i’ve since realized there’s probably no one who understands my aesthetic as well as lenny does. we both have the same taste for clean, sleek shapes, the mix of elegance and casualwear, and feminine silhouettes that have a certain edge to them. except i’m good at describing it, while lenny has the gift to make that vision come to life. it was a dream to work with her – to see how she took my feelings, my thoughts and ideas and translated it to the only dress i could ever imagine myself getting married in.

i don’t know if you can really tell from these pictures – but i was wearing a bracelet and the hair pin i designed for antwerp label diamanti per tutti. of course i designed them with my wedding in mind, so they fit my outfit and the entire mood of the day perfectly. i’m not a jewelry fan, so before working with diamanti per tutti i hadn’t planned on wearing anything bling except my engagement ring – but i was over the moon to be able to wear my own designs.

i helped matti find his wedding outfit at mercken, and i think he looked very dapper in his tom ford suit. but since we had a very informal and casual wedding in mind, we wanted to dress it down a bit. so he combined it with a new pair of his favorite hogan sneakers and with a cotton tie we found at henri in antwerp. let me tell you – the sales people at mercken had to swallow back soooooo many comments when they saw the pairing. but they were perfectly wonderful and nice to us, even though you could practically see them wishing we’d reconsider matti’s shoe and tie choices.

photos by mous lamrabat


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