The Wedding // The I Do’s

December 24, 2013 • Life

i hope you’re not tired yet of seeing bits and pieces of our wedding pop up over here, because it is too much fun for me to look at them again and again and again. i thought christmas would be the perfect moment to look back on the highlight of our wedding – at least it definitely was for me – our i do’s.

we basically left the entire ceremony to our dearest friends. they organized everything – preparing speeches, writing poems, creating a song, and delivering everything in front of our friends and family like it is something they do every day. it was the most incredible experience of my life – we felt so loved and supported. i know everyone says this, and i know it can sound bland, but i really did feel blessed and incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in my life. i don’t know what i did to deserve them, but i know i never want to lose a single one of them.

the ceremony was super special, from beginning to end. i walked in on my dad’s arm to the tune of johnny cash’ ring of fire, and after we kissed one republic’s something i need blasted through the speakers. we signed a ‘wedding contract’ with the most genuine promises and we awkwardly stumbled through the vows we wrote to each other. i cried more than half of the time, because obviously.

i was very happy lenny leleu suggested designing something that i could throw on over my dress, and then fabricated the coolest suede perfecto i ever did see, because a combination of not-so-perfect weather and my nerves gave me enough chills to want to cover up for a bit. i also loved the decorations made by the wonderful clélia and zazie of tadamstudio – the wind played with the gold, silver, linnen and silk ribbons we tied between the trees and it created just the perfect backdrop. and did you spot the hair pin i designed for diamanti per tutti? i can’t wait for another occasion to wear that one!

that last picture is one of my absolute favorites – matti was calling his grandparents, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to spain, to tell them about the ceremony. it goes to show what a completely wonderful husband he is, and what a fantastic photographer mous lamrabat is to have noticed these little moments and have captured them for us to remember forever.


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