January 25, 2014 • Design

unless you’ve been living in a wifi-less cabin in the woods for the past few years (in which case, let’s talk about how cool you are) you’ve probably heard of fab.com. since its launch in 2010 – hard to believe it’s such a young company – it has grown into one of the most-loved design shops around the world. their magic recipe? killer brands, a great mix of iconic and quirky design, a good sense of humor and irresistible discounts. check out their awesome instagram, if you haven’t already.

admittedly, i hadn’t ordered anything from them yet, but i’ve been keeping an eye on the site for a couple of years now. so when i heard about their major stocksale in antwerp, i knew i had to get my butt over there, stat. so i asked for a sneak peek, and i got it yesterday. let me tell you – some of the items that are going for half the price are goooooood.

i had my hopes set on finding a wooden cubebot, which i’ve loved for such a long time but haven’t come across in stores yet, but unfortunately the little guys were still hiding in the dozens and dozens of boxes that have yet to be unpacked. that’s right – the stock that is selling at coffeelabs in antwerp isn’t even half of it yet. basically you can go back every day for the next three weeks (until feb 15) and find new stuff every time.

check out some of the items that caught my eye over on 70percentpure’s facebook page. i managed to contain myself and only broughtback the little rhino in the pictures above, but i might swing by again for my cubebot mission.

photos by stephanie duval

  • Oh dat ziet er veelbelovend uit! Ik ga volgende week eens kijken. Ik maakte mij al zorgen of er nog wel iets ging over zijn, gezien de foto’s van wachtrijen ‘s ochtends die ik al heb zien passeren, maar dit is goed nieuws ;)

  • @hannelore zeker goed nieuws hoor – geen zorgen maken, er is nog massaal veel good stuff :)

  • oh zeg ik kijk er al naar uit om daar eens langs te springen. hoe schattig is trouwens die tipi voor katten?

  • @sanne jaaaa grappig he? er zijn trouwens veel leuke spullen voor hond en kat!

  • I love Fab.com and love shopping there. Their custom service is terrific!
    And what a cuuuuuuuute rhino!

  • Fab is gevaarlijk, voor mijn Visa dan. ;) Als ik mijn Instagram-feed mag geloven, waren er best wel leuke items te scoren op die stockverkoop! :) Heb je dan nog iets gescoord of is het bij deze gebleven?

  • @kelly brito i know, right? it’s sitting on my desk and i can’t help but smile whenever i see it.

    @kelly zeerrrrr gevaarlijk. ik heb nog een item gescoord, maar dat is nog naar mij onderweg :) ga je nog langs dit weekend? last chance!


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