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February 12, 2014 • Work

some of you might remember the blogging workshop i co-founded with social media maven marie lemaitre and oona, the pr agency she worked for at the time. the blog works was an event for lifestyle bloggers, combining serious talks about quality, integrity and the business of blogging with fun workshops on writing, photography and styling. sadly, there’s no new edition in the works. but being so closely involved with the blogging community and the business side of it sparked my enthusiasm for the format even more.

ever since, i’ve been digging my heels into the subject. as a consultant i’m giving workshops to companies on how to start their own blog for content marketing purposes and reach out to other bloggers to spread the love for their brand. as a blogger slash journalist i’m giving talks about the business of blogging – most recently at the open vrt event in ghent – and workshops to personal bloggers on how to turn their blog into a career boosting tool, or a career onto itself.

there’s really no other subject that i can spend more time talking about – so it’s a bit ironic i rarely talk about it right here, on my own blog. so i thought i’d let my flemish readers know that i’m teaming up with gitzwart for a second time to give another workshop for bloggers on march 6. after the success of their first series of blogging workshops in genk, veerle and priscilla of gitzwart have launched the blogging business platform. together we reached out to a couple of blogging colleagues, creating an interesting panel. patricia goijens of no glitter no glory, tom cole of woonblog, herman maes of daily bits and myself will be available to answer all your questions about the technical and business side of blogging. veerle and priscilla secured a wonderful location – huis happaert in antwerp – and the healthiest snacks from lombardia, so it’s gonna be a fun night.

and the really good news? one lucky reader gets to go for free! the contest for a free ticket has ended, and the winner has been informed. but tickets are still for sale over at blogging business. hope to see you in antwerp on march 6!


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