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February 17, 2014 • BerlinFood and DrinkTravel

there are many things i look forward to when traveling to berlin, but the cool coffee bars definitely are number one on the list. it doesn’t matter how often i go there, every time there are about half a dozen more places that serve great espresso. and the best part of it? they’re all really different. they’re not just taking a page from the ‘how to open a hipster hangout’ – these places have their own identities, and seriously cool ones to boot.

the australian owners of silo have done such a great job creating a space that feels warm and cosy, with lots of nooks and places where you can sit with friends or get some work done. i love the contrast between all of the wood and the bare brick walls, and between the overall muted color scheme with little pops of red. i would have loved to spend a lot more time there.

concierge coffee is another newcomer on the berlin caffeine scene. it is literally a hole in the wall kind of place, where you take your coffee to go, or sip it sharing juicy gossip with your friends who live or work in the neighborhood – at least that’s the impression i got when i was there.

one of its owners recognized me from instagram (always so fun to meet insta contacts in real life!) and took me on a tour in the space behind the coffee shop. at the time they were planning to open a larger lunch place that would also moonlight as a local design showroom. come summer there’d also be a large terrace outside to enjoy the sunshine. i can’t wait to return and check it out – but if you go or have been there in the meantime, let me know how it turned out!

  • this coffee is so cute! I invite you to stop in y new blog…Now in spanish and english! :) have a nice week!

  • Aaah, Berlin and its coffee. I want to go back! For now, I’ll have to get around by pinning these new spots. :)


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