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February 14, 2014 • Kick-ass Women

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i’m very lucky to be surrounded by kick-ass women everywhere i go. they are my colleagues, friends, employers, collaborators and mentors, and they never cease to inspire me with their smarts, wittiness, entrepreneurial spirits and go-getter attitudes. one of these people is catherine van holder, and though i get to see very little of her in real life, i’m happy to see her pop up in my social media feeds on a daily basis, since everything she shares makes me stop, think and become a little wiser. recently, she shared a link to a buzzfeed article that – though it was still early morning when i read it – made my day.

if you’re a journalist, chances are that at one point in your life you’ve had to research stock photos to find a good image to illustrate your article. now i don’t know about you, but personally i strongly – ever-so-strongly – dislike stock photos. they present a world i don’t recognise – a fake dream i don’t believe in, much less aspire to for myself. everyone’s happy, everyone’s perfect, and most importantly – stereotypes abound. uninspired advertisements and magazine articles all over the world are using these images, actively participating in the construction of a false reality.

so i am elated when an institution as big and influential as getty images creates a collection of images inspired by sheryl – lean in – sandberg and presents strong, powerful women in non-traditional, role-reversing situations and contexts. i grant you the collection is not perfect, dear critical reader of mine, but it’s such a big and necessary step in the right direction. too many people think feminism has become a dirty word, or worse – a superfluous one. it’s not.

though i don’t mean for this blog to become too political, when my ideology and the creative industry intersect, it’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up on. that’s why i decided to launch a new category on here, presenting the kick-ass women in my life and my world. stay tuned for more, very soon.

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