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February 21, 2014 • DesignHome Decor

one of the things i love most about blogging, is that it helps me explore subjects and areas that i am interested in, but not necessarily professionally involved with. i started out as a fashion journalist, and however glamorous and fun that could be, i felt claustrophobic when i imagined writing only about fashion day in, day out. so that is why five years ago i started this blog as a place and a way to explore and share the other things i like or am fascinated with.  

interior design has always been a huge part of my life, but i always thought of it more as a hobby than a calling. thanks to this blog, i’ve pushed myself to do research, read other design blogs, refine my style and learn about new and renowned design brands from all over the world. it’s been such a fun learning experience, but the best part is that my professional life has taken a cue from my blogging, and i currently find myself writing lots of articles about interiors, interviewing designers, and working on a few interior design projects as a consultant. i guess what i’m trying to say is – blogging can be quite the self-fulfilling prophecy.

in such a way that now, sometimes, i’m doing research for work and it ends up in a blog post because i’m so excited about what i find – while it used to be the other way around. that is how i ended up researching for an article about scandinavian design and discovering two brands i didn’t know before and promptly fell in love with. the pictures above are from one nordic – a fairly new danish brand that makes beautiful things that come in small and easy-to-assemble packages. taking a cue from ikea perhaps, but i think you’ll agree one nordic’s sleek style is on another level.

what i love most about scandinavian design companies is the time and energy they invest in producing superbly styled images. i mean – look at these pictures – they’re just as beautiful as the feature shoots in interior magazines. in my professional opinion, labels creating high quality content are the ones that will still be around decades from now. and of course they make it so much more appealing for journalists and bloggers alike to share their pictures, and for consumers to eagerly pin them to their moodboards.

the second batch of photos is from a danish company called lightyears, which was also new to me. browsing their catalogue, however, i noticed i’ve already seen many of their designs hanging in hotel lobbies or cool restaurants. i’m happy i finally know which company is behind them, so i can help spread the love.

credit where credit is due – if it weren’t for jennifer and emma, i wouldn’t know half the scandinavian brands i know today. so i’m sure i came across lightyears and one nordic on their lovely blogs.

photos from one nordic and lightyears


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