so i guess word about my love for breakfast foods has spread. people are emailing me for brunch tips in foreign cities (of which i have plenty!) and for advice on granola recipes (for which i kindly redirect them to the brilliant louise of THURSDAY DINNERS). and just last week belgian company ALPRO approached me to ask if i’d be interested in being a kind of ambassador for them – an alpronista, if you will.

there are several reasons why i said ‘heck yes.’ ONE – obviously, if you want to bribe me to do anything, offering me breakfast is the way to go. TWO – i’ve worked with alpro before as a trend watcher and met some people behind the scenes, and they are all dedicated, passionate and lovely as can be. so i have a soft spot for the company. THREE – as all alpro products are plant-based and thus dairy-free, i do believe they can offer a healthy alternative to some foods.

i guess it comes as no surprise to you that i am anything but a purist – i simply don’t believe in anyone being 100% of anything. 70 percent just sounds like a much more realistic number, right? it leaves room for experimenting and for variation. so i might not be a vegetarian, but i do go for days without meat in favor of veggie dishes (yotam ottolenghi, anyone?) and i’m not lactose intolerant, but i do believe in giving my body a break now and then by switching to rice milk in my coffee or alpro’s plantbased version of yoghurt in the morning.

especially when alpro sends me a truckload of different toppings and challenges me to find my favorite combination with their MILD & CREAMY product. i was pleasantly surprised by some of them (mulberries, yum!) but also discovered that no matter how superfood they are, i will never come near another goji berry in my life. honestly, ew. in the end my favorite combination included mulberries, cranberries, flax and chia seeds, pecans and pistachios. so, so good. you can head over to the ALPRO site to find out who the other alpronistas are and what their favorite combinations are, and you can even try to win one of the personalized topping kits to create your own!

photos by stephanie duval // this post is a collaboration with ALPRO though all opinions are entirely my own

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