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March 19, 2014 • BrusselsStyle

i don’t go to brussels often. i really don’t like the traffic, especially since you need your car to get anywhere. at least that’s what it seems like to an outsider – which i am. but lately, brussels has seduced me and pleasantly surprised me. a bachelorette dinner at RUTABAGA, a tour behind the scenes at LE TYPOGRAPHE… every time i think i’ve seen it all, the city knows just how to lure me back in.

of course it’s also the city of FRANCIS FERENT – one of my favorite clothing stores, with whom i’m working on a series right here on the blog. i introduced the shop to you a while ago, and already showed you my first purchase – a.k.a. the leggings that aren’t leggings and therefore are my favorite staple of all times. today i’d like to show you around the neighborhood of francis ferent’s location on avenue louise.

you see, it’s not all posh fashion shops in the area. right around the corner, on place stéphanie (love that) is a true walhalla for beauty freaks – SENTEURS D’AILLEURS. if you have a weakness for specialty cult brands, this is where you go for your fix. aesop, kiehl’s, la mer… they literally stock ALL of my favorites. besides, the shop is a veritable gem architecture-wise – i love the geometric interior and beautiful lighting. they also have a gorgeous treatment room, so i’m waiting for the right occasion to spoil myself with a massage or a facial.

i’m giving a little tour in the pictures above wearing THEYSKENS’ THEORY top // SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND jeans // JIMMY CHOO sneakers // MARC BY MARC JACOBS shoulder bag // all of which are available at FRANCIS FERENT and all of which i wanted to take home (i went for the top though)


my second favorite place near francis ferent is – but of course – a coffee place. i discovered PARLOR COFFEE a while ago, when i first visited LE TYPOGRAPHE. they make a mean espresso – both times i’ve been here they served drop coffee and it is nothing short of amazing. but what you should really go for is the pastries and the bagels. it’s the perfect stop for a quick lunch break in between shopping or meetings.

so i guess what i’m saying is – if you take some time to really discover brussels, you’ll realize – as i did – that you don’t always need your car to go from one cool place to the next. i never expected the area near avenue louise to be interesting to me. i always equated shopping in brussels to shopping in the hip boutiques near rue dansaert. but then again i never knew the louise ‘hood was home to great coffee, cool typography and cult beauty, next to loads of american designers at francis ferent.

in the pictures i’m having a hard time choosing between all the tasty goodies wearing a JOSEPH silver sweater // JOSEPH tank top // THEORY leggings // MARC BY MARC JACOBS mouse ballerinas and MARC BY MARC JACOBS pouch (sold out but i also really like this one)

photos by matthias rabaey // this post is in collaboration with FRANCIS FERENT, but all opinions are my own


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