String Pocket

March 5, 2014 • Home Decor

it’s my birthday today! i can’t really explain why, but i’m very excited about turning 29. maybe it’s because i’m experiencing one last hurrah as a twenty-something, but i also think it’s because – for the first time in my life maybe – i feel like i’m at the right phase in my life for the age that i have. i was 23 when i first became editor-in-chief of a magazine and 27 when i got engaged, and i’ve always felt just a little young for whatever i was doing. and now it seems like the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, and i’m exactly as old (or young, because come on, let’s be real) as i feel and should be. is that weird?

as we’ll be celebrating my birthday in belgium this weekend, my husband decided to give me my present a little early. so that’s how last friday we ended up putting together the above string pocket shelves and giving them a place in our bedroom slash home office. i’d been going back and forth about the string shelves (do i like them or do i just think i like them) but now that they’re hanging on the wall and showcase some of my favorite objects – i couldn’t be more in love with them. i guess i just had to see them in our own place, not the kind of modernist retro or supersleek scandinavian interiors you usually see them photographed in.

what else is on the shelves // BYREDO bakers’ guild – my all-time favorite scented candle // OUR/BERLIN vodka // SIGURD LARSEN cement letter // THE NOVEL CURE // IZOLA lavender scented candle // UASHMAMA paper basket

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