ibiza town harboribiza town harborwedding season is upon us and with all these bachelorette parties and trips i’m getting nostalgic for my own #IBIZADESOLTERA. looking through the photos from our trip to ibiza and formentera last year has rekindled my love for the islands – and i’m basically just waiting for the perfect excuse to go back as soon as possible. to tide me over until that time, and because some people have been asking me about it, i’ve listed the five reasons why you should consider them as your holiday destination this summer.


cocktails at rémy's beach barblue marlin succulents everywhere
let me start by saying that i am not a party person, and so the party scene on ibiza is definitely not one of the reasons why i’d recommend the island as a holiday destination. that said, when i went to ibiza for the first time last year – on the bachelorette trip my wonderful, wonderful friends had organized for me – i did want to experience it all, because i thought it was an obligatory part of any bachelorette trip, and especially one to ibiza.

but because we had one pregnant lady in our group, we decided to forego the mega clubs in favor of BLUE MARLIN on a sunday night, which turned out to be the best decision ever. we weren’t very smart about it – because we didn’t book a table at the restaurant in advance, we had to wait in line for what felt like hours – but we didn’t regret it for one second. once we got in around 6 or 7-ish we made our way to the small dance floor on the beach, managed to find a spot right in front of WALLY LOPEZ‘ dj booth, and didn’t stop dancing until midnight, when we moved over to the restaurant and had an amazing meal.

we watched the sun set and the stars come out right there on the dance floor, the vibe was a perfect combination of mellow and excited, the food was expensive but really good and we even got a free shuttle ride home in a pretty luxurious car because we were patrons of the restaurant and about the last ones to go. best part though? we were in bed by 2 am, which meant we could get up early the next day to catch the ferry to formentera. and if that sounds to you like i’m a grandma, you better move on to reason number two.


platja migjornbubbles at blue bar platja de ses illetesplatja migjornthere aren’t enough words to describe how much i love formentera. on our five day trip, we took the ferry from ibiza to formentera twice. you can buy tickets at the harbor in ibiza town and i would say there’s a boat leaving about every twenty minutes. we used THIS COMPANY, but there are several who provide the same service. the only downside to staying on ibiza and traveling to formentera is that you have to make sure to catch the last ferry back, and at 9 pm that is pretty early if you want to have dinner on formentera. if you’re not into partying, i’d say look for an apartment or hotel on formentera and do it the other way around, because the last shuttle from ibiza to formentera – during summer months – is 11 pm.

formentera is spectacular, if you know where to go. a very good friend recommended several places and we stuck to those, as we were trying to avoid the tourist traps. illetes is gorgeous, and home to several really good beach bars, but i’ve heard it can get super crowded in july and august. in june though, it was nearly deserted and just perfect. but our favorite hangout was migjorn, which was as close to a caribbean beach i’ve ever come. the water is beautiful, the beach pristine and the vibe relaxed – i hate beaches that feel like catwalks or places m’as-tu vu, don’t you? added bonus is that it’s close to BLUE BAR, which you really have to experience for yourself, but i can tell you you’ve never really ‘chilled’ as long as you haven’t hung out here at least once.


es moli de sales moli de salseaside gin and tonic at es moli de sal more succulent lovees moli de sal
why didn’t anyone ever tell me the food on ibiza and formentera is so good? apart from the shabby beach shack and quick on-the-go snacks, we didn’t have a meal on these islands that didn’t make our heads explode. admittedly, the environment adds to the experience, but the ingredients were also always fresh and the food so simple but right in every way. if i had to pick one favorite, it would be ES MOLI DE SAL on formentera. we went there twice – once for lunch and once for dinner – an both times will forever be ingrained in my memory.

the service is great, and the restaurant is beautiful, but you never get the feeling like your casual holiday outfit is somehow out of place. i really like the little details here, too – from the sea-inspired gin and tonic to the fresh rosemary and thyme on each table. i’d recommend going for the seafood at this place, and try to get a table near a window with a view on the bay. it’s all just perfect. if you are engaged and are considering a destination wedding on formentera, this is where i would go if i were you.


santa agnès de coronaes cucons in santa agnès de corona cala d'en serracala d'en serrai would definitely recommend hiring a car if you’re staying on ibiza, so you can explore bits and parts of the island on your own time. one day we just started driving, with only a vague destination in mind, and we discovered the cutest little town which happened to have great shopping and restaurants and virtually no tourists at all. it is called santa agnés de corona and it’s home to hotel, spa and restaurant ES CUCONS. we didn’t stay there, but i would definitely consider it if i ever go back.

we also drove until we found cala d’en serra and remy’s beach bar, as recommended to us by nathalie of THE MERRYMAKERS, and even the scenic drive over there was worth it alone. i’ve been told there are plenty more really cool off-the-beaten-path beaches, bars, hotels and towns to discover, and though you can research some of them before you leave, i recommend just getting in your car and discovering them for yourself.


blue bar formenteraplatja migjorn formentera el chiringuito beach bar and restaurant ibizaplatja de ses illetes formenterai have a friend who waxes poetically about life on an island. she’s probably traveled to ibiza and formentera more often that i’ve seen the belgian coast, but even after one visit i totally get what she means. there’s a decidedly off-the-clock feeling about these islands, and it only took us a day to get into the rhythm of eating, sleeping, relaxing on the beach, wandering around and eating some more.

i know this is a cliché, but i never expected ibiza to be so beautiful, either. like many people, i somehow had this image of the spanish costas flooded with tourists, and i wasn’t expecting such beautiful beaches and cosy little towns. just stay clear from platja d’en bossa, where the huge hotel chains and mega clubs sit side by side with fast food restaurants and cheap souvenir stores. we were also disappointed by the vibe and crowd at café del mar, which is a tourist trap like you’ve never seen.

but when you know where to go or where to wander off to, ibiza is gorgeous and calm, and formentera is even more beautiful and quiet. here are some interesting articles about IBIZA and FORMENTERA that might provide further inspiration, and i wouldn’t mind staying at LOS JARDINES DE PALERM or HOTEL VILLAGE IBIZA next time i travel to the island. have you ever been? what are your favorite places and hangouts?

all photos by stephanie duval

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