Broers & Brillen

May 9, 2014 • Home DecorStyle

you guys know i love interior design and have a soft spot for good retail design, right? and ever since i started wearing glasses myself, which is only since fairly recently, i’ve pretty much become obsessed with specs, too. remember when i visited WARBY PARKER in new york? yeah, good times. but now it seems i won’t have to cross the ocean to find myself in an inspiring environment amidst hundreds of good looking frames.

in the small belgian town of belsele, two brothers recently opened the doors to their shop BROERS & BRILLEN (which translates to brothers & glasses). i literally can’t wait until i need new (sun)glasses so i have a reason to swing by and browse their selection. what i like most about the concept – i mean besides the genius interior, obviously – is that the brothers weren’t afraid to buy some lesser known names like japanese label YELLOWS PLUS and californian brand GARRETT LEIGHT. love love love that.

branding by DIFT // interior design by BROERS & BRILLEN // photography by ELINE ROS

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