my husband and i both enjoy a good cocktail now and then. in fact, the first real date my guy ever took me on, was to a fancy cocktail bar in antwerp (SIPS, though we currently like COCKTAILS AT NINE better), and every time we travel to a cool city, we make it a point to find the best cocktail bar in town and try their specialty (the bees knees at APOTHEKE in manhattan!) i just love taking a seat at the bar, chatting with the bartender and watching how your favorite concoction is prepared.

after a few years of really getting into it, we started experimenting on our own, too. we started assembling the perfect home bar, stocking quality spirits (we love GOSLING’S rum and GERANIUM gin) and trying to find the perfect bar equipment. one birthday, i was gifted an entire set including a shaker and a jigger, but unfortunately i misplaced both when we packed up all of our belongings and shipped half of them to geneva.

so that’s why i was more than happy to team up with brand new webshop COMPTOIR DES OBJETS, who kindly offered me their awesome MASON SHAKER BAR TOOL SET to test drive. i really love this shop, which is filled to the brim with sleek and smart versions of everyday objects. they stock many brands you might have seen on international blogs and coveted like crazy. if you’ve been on pinterest during the past few years, you’ve seen the recognisable mason jars pop up – most often recycled as glassware or lamps at cool wedding parties. mason shaker also repurposes them as cocktail shakers, and let me tell you: it’s the best.

in our home, there will be no more messing around with a two-piece shaker (am i the only one who can never get the glass to separate from the metal bottom?) from now on, we’re hooked on the mason shaker with its built-in strainer. it’s just so frigging easy! not to mention pretty… whenever we’re not using the shaker, the glass bottom is serving as some kind of vase or candle holder. it’s simply to goodlooking to hide in a cupboard.

obviously, this opinion was formed after a very scientific study – my husband and i basically used this as an excuse to drink every single cocktail we could think of, and to try and recreate some of our favorites from new york – where the mason shaker was born. many more recipes were tried and tested, but only three of them we deemed worthy enough to share with you. above you can see how our new all-time favorite turned out – the beautifully pink mojito with homemade rhubarb syrup (recipe from HERE).

but since we couldn’t just choose one cocktail, we decided to share two more recipes over on the lovely blog of COMPTOIR DES OBJETS. click HERE to go and see for yourself, and let me know which is your préféré.

besides the MASON SHAKER, MUDDLER and JIGGER you can also spot the lovatt for SERAX dish // a DILLE&KAMILLE glass bottle filled with syrupy goodness // and our fancy glasses from FLAMANT


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