you guys, this was going to be a super professional outfit post, you gotta believe me. i mean, when COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS asks you to style some of their key pieces for spring, you don’t want to be a slacker, and you come up with cool and original ideas, right? so off we went last week, with a bunch of cool plans to showcase the versatility and radness of one of my all-time favorite brands.

for one brief instant, i had forgotten that although i’ve wholeheartedly embraced fashion as an integral part of this blog, i’m not actually a fashion blogger with mad posing skills, y’all. that, and i have a goofy husband who is happy to lend his photography skills to whatever project i cook up, but has very little tolerance for taking any of this blogging business too seriously. which is good, i guess. because he doesn’t let me get swept up in thoughts like ‘does my butt look big in these boyfriend jeans.’ instead, he casually mentions that ‘yes, your butt looks enormous in these boyfriend jeans, but that’s what you get when you follow crazy fashion trends so don’t come crying about it to me now and stand still so i can take this fricking picture already.’

he’s also a master at making me laugh – one of the reasons why i made sure to marry him. so whenever my face contorts unnaturally from trying to look like a professional style blogger, he says something silly and i burst out laughing. or he’ll take an impromptu snapshot of me trying to explain to him what i want him to do for the next photo – he doesn’t really take direction that well. which is for the best, because i kinda like what he ended up with for this particular shoot. lessons learned – evening light is the best – hair never behaves (especially not when you’re trying to shoot a fun gif) – and taking INSTAX pictures of my outfits should totally become a thing.

so let’s talk clothes, shall we? i really fell hard for THIS PRINTED PARKA. as anyone with a preference for basic, understated style will admit, sometimes it’s hard to look interesting in all denim-white-and-grey. this parka fits into my sporty/casual aesthetic perfectly, but the print adds a layer that will make any old boring outfit a lot more interesting. as for the bag, well, what can i say? i’ve never met a PALE PINK PURSE that i didn’t instantly love. this one is particularly nice, because you can wear it as a shoulder bag – like i did in the pictures above – or as a messenger bag, which i couldn’t demonstrate because all the pictures with me wearing it like that made my butt look too big. (i’m joking of course. all blame should go to my boyfriend jeans.)

i’m also wearing CONVERSE jack purcell sneakers // HM striped tee // CLOSED unflattering but veryveryvery comfy boyfriend jeans // DIAMANTI PER TUTTI geometrics bracelet and endless diamonds bracelet

photos by matthias rabaey

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