for my birthday earlier this year, i asked for new bathroom towels. you should see me sitting here, shaking my head as i’m typing this sentence because it makes me feel like such a housewife. but it’s true, growing older has made me grow more appreciative of certain things – especially when they’re such a big part of daily life at home. so one day i laid eyes on these UCHINO towels at antwerp design store DONUM, and i realized it would make me very, very, very happy to take them home with me.

it’s not that the towels we already had weren’t good or even nice to look at. but they were of the kind of basic quality that is so typical for a person’s first home. there’s so much stuff to buy, you just have to watch your budget. and in any case, there are about a thousand things you’d much rather spend your hard-earned money on, than on bathroom towels – right? at least that’s how we reasoned when we picked up our towels. five years later, seeing these beautiful towels in the store, i thought it was about time for an upgrade.

our living situation in geneva is temporary, and rather on the small side. this means we’re not in a place where we can invest in bigger furniture or statement pieces that will last a lifetime. so i need to find other ways to make our house our home, and not just an ikea showroom. from this experience i learned that it’s the little details that make all the difference. these towels are luxurious and beautiful, and using them every single day adds a little touch of japanese sophistication to our lives. also, i can stop being jealous of the thick towels in every hotel bathroom everywhere. now i can finally think – what we have at home is nicer than here, and that’s always a nice thought.

a little word on those beautiful baskets in which i store our towels – they are made by SERAX, a belgian design company. you might have noticed their pretty stuff in our wedding decorations and table setting before. i am very proud to be one of their very first BLOGGER AMBASSADORS, which means that from now on you’ll see a lot more of their designs popping up all over this blog and my instagram feed. let me know if you have any questions about serax of any of the products that i’ll tag from them – i’d be more than happy to give more information about them.

photos by stephanie duval // you can also spot the marble chop board from HAY ANTWERP and a scented BYREDO candle


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