My Favorite Jewelry

May 5, 2014 • Style

i was never much of a jewelry person. if i did get swept away with a trend and bought colorful earrings or a trendy statement necklace, then i would wear it for three days and then get entirely sick of it. or better yet – i’d simply lose it. i rarely fell in love with anything, and if i did, it was with very subtle, understated jewelry that more than once turned out to be waaaay over my budget. but when i started working with DIAMANTI PER TUTTI, i realized elegant and understated needn’t be prohibitively expensive.

and then they asked me to design MY OWN COLLECTION, and suddenly i was in jewelry heaven. the collection i designed – inspired by the geometric shapes of modern architecture and scandinavian christmas ornaments – is my favorite jewelry ever, besides my engagement and wedding rings, naturellement. i never really shared any more pictures after the INITIAL PHOTO SHOOT we did, and i figured it couldn’t hurt to share a few of my favorites again, surrounded by some other favorite objects of mine.

and i have another reason to bring up my newfound love affair with jewelry, as diamanti per tutti asked me to design a second capsule collection for them. i’m beyond excited, as i have thoroughly enjoyed the process of seeing my inspirations and drawings coming to life the first time around. the pressure might be a little higher right now, but i am honestly having such a blast with it. this time, my inspiration will come from travels to my favorite cities around the world, but stay tuned to find out more soon.

top to bottom, what you’re seeing is // diamanti per tutti GEOMETRICS NECKLACE // ferm living HEXAGON POT // yotam ottolenghi’s PLENTY // the kinfolk TABLE // address book from RAD AND HUNGRY // diamanti per tutti PRISM NECKLACE // cos NECKLACE // diamanti per tutti PRISM RING // uashmama SILVER BASKET // cloud bracelet SOKI

photos by stephanie duval


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