May 26, 2014 • Style

summer can’t be here fast enough – i can’t remember a time when i was more looking forward to eating bbq, swimming in the lake, soaking up the sunshine and having late night dinners on our little terrace while the sun is setting behind the mountains. summertime, and the living is easy in and around geneva (which can not always be said of the other seasons).

my guy and i became quite obsessed with playing ping pong last year – first at the ace hotel in palm springs, then at the 25hrs hotel in zurich, and now we even have our own set of ping pong rackets, which we’ve sadly not been able to use yet. turns out our fantasy of having a table tennis table as a dinner table is not so realistic in our tiny apartment. so – i’ve been thinking of picking up a set of these gorgeous matkot rackets, a collaboration between ISABEL MARANT AND HERITAGE PARIS. how badd-ass do they look for a pair of beach rackets? very much, yes.

and now that i’m wishlisting, i’d also like to add those FILIPPA K sunnies, a cute short like this one from SCOTCH & SODA and a summerproof clutch like this one from COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS. oh, and many more mellow songs for my beach playlist – do you guys have any recommendations to make? i really love this track by boots, which has a tiny bit of beyoncé in there (which is always a good thing, right?)


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