Sweater Weather

May 2, 2014 • Style

have you ever heard a song and saw a movie play before your eyes? i have it all the time – i see characters and settings and plot twists, all to the beat of the music i’m listening to. that’s why i love to go running with music in my ears – it would get so boring without it, but with it, i’m making up stories to last me a lifetime. these stories were never very fashion-related, until i listened to THE NEIGHBOURHOOD‘s sweater weather. it’s not the first time the lyrics of a song detail the way in which people are dressed, but there is something about these that makes me see it all so clearly, and i just want to step into the little film playing in my head and never return.

i hate the beach but i stand // in california with my toes in the sand 
use the sleeves of my sweater // let’s have an adventure 

yes, let’s please have an adventure in california, toes in the sand. i can’t stop thinking about manhattan beach and big sur – the warm californian sunshine during the day, and that nice chill creeping up at night. the lyrics go on and get pretty romantic, which reminds me of my honeymoon, driving through california in a convertible. but before i get all sappy on you, listen to the rad remix of the song below – i swear it’s even better than the original. and you know, let it be your soundtrack for some inspired shopping, why don’t you.

tulum tee ARITZIA // cowl neck sweater AMERICAN VINTAGE // backpack A.P.C. FOR EASTPAK // high-waisted shorts STELLA MCCARTNEY // sneakers A.P.C. FOR NIKE // beach towel LEIF


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