if writing a book about blogging has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t overestimate the value of a good concept. there are so many blogs out there, to stand out from the crowd means you have to pick one thing and be exceptionally good at it. i think a lot of bloggers have difficulties finding their niche or refining their goals approach for a clear purpose to shine through. not KATE BRIEN, though. i can’t believe i only just discovered her (admittedly fairly new) blog VIEW FROM THE TOPP. kate is a fashion stylist, and she’s demonstrating her skills by taking outfit pictures of her bottom half. it’s the consistency with which she does that makes her feed such an amazing thing to look at, and its her killer collection of shoes and seemingly endless supply of cool floors and rad objects, that make her photos inspiring in more than one way. i’m a fan, and not just of her concept.

photos by KATE BRIEN

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