confession – i do not surf, nor is it very likely that i will ever set foot on a surfboard (i was going to insert a comment on beyonce, but i fear i would digress in a direction wholly unsuitable for this blog). except perhaps i will try paddleboarding, when the lake here in geneva is very still. i guess it’s obvious that i’m not a daredevil? i never was the type to climb into trees or rough it up during sports. i’m the type that is jealous of the cool girls on their skateboards, and the type that will try to snowboard for ten years before giving up and realizing that maybe taking up a sport because it seemed ‘cool’ was not the best idea ever.

that said, i do still like the vibe around some of these board sports – relaxed, casual, happy and fun. so anytime i discover a brand that channels this vibe, i turn into their biggest fan. especially now that my favorite cities seem to be bombarded with surf labels and shops. i love-love-love CUISSE DE GRENOUILLE in paris, and on my last trip to new york i made it my mission to visit each and every of the surf-inspired stores that have popped up in recent years.

why? because they have awesome clothes, super nice accessory lines that you can hardly find anywhere else, and almost without exception, they serve really good espresso. my favorite place in manhattan has to be the little patio behind the SATURDAY’S SURF shop, with its cozy lights and everything. and if i lived on the lower east side, i’m sure LOST WEEKEND would be my main hangout – their communal table is the best place to meet cool new people. and in williamsburg, it’s PILGRIM SURF + SUPPLY that stole my heart with its colorful interior.

photos by matthias rabaey and stephanie duval // originally taken for the CONNECTIONS urban explorer guide to new york – click HERE to check the guide for more of my favorite places // and HERE for more new york favorites on this blog


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