A Day In Nîmes

July 22, 2014 • FranceTravel

actually this post should have been called ‘a few hours in nîmes’ because we didn’t actually spend a full day there. while we were spending the weekend in boulbon, we ventured out to nîmes on saturday morning for a little dose of culture. i was curious to experience the city after which denim was named, but i was more than a little disappointed when i noticed nîmes does not, in fact, have a museum devoted to the history of the fabric.

there were other sights to be seen, though. my favorite place had MAISON CARREE on one side, and CARRE D’ART on the other. the former one of the best conserved roman temples in the world, the latter a museum dedicated to modern art. the juxtaposition of ancient and modern architecture and art kinda blew my mind a little bit.

there’s more to discover in nîmes – some nice fountains, the beautiful arena and cute little streets filled with boutiques. while overall i can’t say i fell in love with the relatively small town, i did enjoy wandering through it for a bit. we ended up having lunch at RESTAURANT LE CARRE D’ART right around the corner of the museum, in the coziest little patio i ever did see. the food left us a little underwhelmed and they have a decidedly bizarre interpretation of a club sandwich (don’t you hate when people manage to botch up a classic?) so maybe stick to drinks outside in the sun when you decide to go there.

photos by stephanie duval


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